Yoshi Balolia

Healer & Teacher

Yoshi is a multi-skilled healing facilitator, passionate about helping others step further into their true selves with joyful awareness and confidence. She assists clients accept their ‘darker’ shadow side whilst simultaneously opening up to their own dazzling potential (also known as the ‘golden shadow’).

Having trained in Reiki energy healing in 2012, Yoshi’s journey of spiritual awakening accelerated in 2013, when she completed a firewalk. Her intention for the walk over burning coals was to be more connected to her ‘spiritual side’ – little did she know how quickly this would change her life!

Since then Yoshi has left her job as a primary school teacher and retrained as a Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator, Level II Reiki Practitioner and Certified Energy Healer, as well as having completed various spiritual quests including Vipassana silent retreat in Myanmar; 14 days dark retreat in Guatemala; 5 months learning with various wisdom keepers, saints and Rinpoches in India; Ayahuasca in the Peruvian Amazon (the Shipibo tradition); as well as San Pedro and Psilocybin in Europe. She also continues to work daily with cacao, essential oils, breath, yoga, sound and energetic and meditative techniques.

Today, meditative practices, learning and growth are more than Yoshi’s job – they shape her day to day life. A true teacher, her passion is sharing what she learns with others, empowering them to take the reins in their own lives. Yoshi’s greatest joy comes from facilitating this process and watching people grow.

Working with a mix of rebirthing breathwork, inner child coaching, shamanic techniques, cacao, essential oils, reiki, sound healing and other modalities, she has been holding space for others to heal since 2016, through both group work and 1-to-1 sessions.