What to expect

A typical breathwork session

Each session is different, and everybody has their own unique experience, gently guided by Yoshi.


Discussion (30-40 mins)

A rebirthing breathwork session usually begins with discussion exercises with Yoshi, to explore any issues.

Relaxation (5-10 mins)

Following the discussion, there is a short relaxation.

Connected Breathing (40-70 mins)

It is common to experience tingling or vibrating sensations that start in the hands and feet and move throughout the body. These vibrations help to loosen energy blockages on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. The resulting experience can be anything from a deep state of calm meditation to physical pleasure or discomfort, or emotional release. All of these may be experienced in one session, or it may be purely physical or emotional.

Relaxation (10-20 mins)

The breathing cycle above is complete when the breather falls into a natural state of calm. Breathing returns to normal and there is a final relaxation period.

What next?

Following the session, a cup of tea is provided (if attending in person) and there is time to share if you feel moved to do so – although the experience can be difficult to put into words! The method works with or without discussing the experience, but many people find this useful to help process new information, releases and insights. Yoshi treats any information shared as confidential.

At the end of each session, Yoshi will provide you with a task to complete before the next session. These tasks are used to inform the exercises at the beginning of session 2 onwards. It is also beneficial to record your experience somehow, whether by journal, audio or video recording. This is true of any personal growth endeavor, as it helps you to make sense of what you have learned about yourself and the reality in which you live. As you continue your journey of personal growth, it can also be useful to look back to see how your journey has developed and satisfying to see the progress you have made.

Breathwork FAQs

How long is an average session?

Around 90% of sessions are complete from start to finish within 2 hours, though some people complete within an hour, whilst others may take up to 3 hours. When you first start having sessions it would be prudent to allow yourself more time.

How will I benefit from breathwork?

See the BENEFITS page for the numerous ways in which rebirthing breathwork can help you at the deepest of levels. See also the TESTIMONIALS.

How much does it cost?

Breathwork sessions with Yoshi are affordable for everyone. See the PRICES page for details.

Where are the sessions held?

1-to-1 rebirthing breathwork sessions are held online via Zoom, or in East London, E14 6NU (3 mins walk from Langdon Park station).  Cacao breathwork sessions are also available.

Experience the power of breathwork

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