Yoshi is a true master, and an opportunity of a session with her is a magical gift.

Sam7 breathwork sessions

I feel drastically different since the session... lighter, more peaceful and happy. It’s been so interesting!

Rebecca2 breathwork sessions


9 breathwork sessions

"Thank you so deeply for all the work you’ve done to create that sacred and beautiful space that you offered me. I’m feeling transformed… suddenly after 6 weeks I’m back to the Adam that had gone missing!"


7 breathwork sessions

"As a facilitator, Yoshi has such a wonderful calm and professional approach. She provides a safe space with real support and understanding.

It’s hard to put into words how effective the breathwork is. It is the most powerful tool I have found for processing everything, enabling me to learn a lot.

It is the first thing I have found that really works - the release of trauma, relief of anxiety and migraines. Each session builds on the last. I can’t thank Yoshi enough."


2 breathwork sessions

"I have recently started breathing sessions with Yoshi. She is fantastic. The sessions are really insightful and help release tension. I feel great after and am looking forward to my next session."

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