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Keith’s Cacao: The original and highest quality!

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Yoshi uses Keith’s Cacao – 100% pure, ceremonial grade, unadulterated chocolate. Nothing added. Nothing removed.
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About Keith’s Cacao

Grown wild in the rainforest and tended by indiginous farmers, the beans are selected, harvested, processed and packaged with loving intention, then lightly toasted and peeled by hand to retain the precious active compounds which are usually lost during the process of making cacao into cocoa or chocolate. Keith’s Cacao undergoes only minimal processing: no cracking, pressing, conching or tempering. It is simply dried in the sun, then ground into a paste and fermented, before being packaged up and blessed by Keith ‘the Chocolate Shaman’ Wilson.

This particular brand of cacao is high in natural active compounds such as theobromine (a cardiovascular stimulant found almost exclusively in cacao), PEA (known as ‘the love chemical’), and anandamide (a natural cannabinoid also known as ‘the bliss molecule’), while low in caffeine. This produces a delicious cacao elixir that gives more focus, flow and connection, without the edginess or crash that are typical of caffeine.

Is the cacao organic?

Although not certified organic, the cacao is grown naturally in the rainforest wilds of Guatemala, free from pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals – just as nature intended. This is a very different practice than industrial cacao! Keith maintains a direct relationship with the farmer to determine a fair price to pay for the beans, and pays ABOVE Fair Trade prices.