Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Mother Nature’s magical delicious daily helper

What is Ceremonial Grade Cacao?

To help understand what cacao is, it may help to first explain what it is not.

Cacao is NOT the same as chocolate, although it is a base ingredient of chocolate. Industrially produced chocolate (even the high-end stuff) is heavily processed, which removes 80-99% of the active ingredients found in true cacao.

Ceremonial grade cacao is a whole food and is generally only lightly processed – the beans are fermented, dried, toasted and shelled, before being ground into paste. This paste is then packaged up and sold as ceremonial grade cacao.

Cacao vs Cocoa – what’s the difference?

  • Cacao is a whole food – Nothing added. Nothing removed.
  • Cacao is a superfood – packed full of vitamins & minerals with the highest antioxidant content of any food
  • Cacao has repeatedly proven to be beneficial for cardiovascular health
  • Cacao contains active compounds including PEA (‘the love chemical’), anandamide (‘the bliss molecule’) and theobromine (a gentle, long lasting cardiovascular stimulant)
  • In laboratory tests, cocoa has proven to be lacking in nutritional benefits.
  • Cocoa has often been dutched – where alkali is added to mellow the taste, removing active compounds in the process.
  • Cocoa has always been defatted – this process also removes many of the beneficial active compounds (cacao contains a minimum of 50% fat).
  • There is no regulation on the use of the word cacao, so companies can legally sell processed cocoa powder as whole food cacao.

Even cacao purchased in health food shops is not usually genuine cacao. For example, ‘cacao powder’ is a myth – this product has, by definition, had the cocoa butter removed to create a powder. It is actually cocoa, and therefore very likely to be devoid of nutritional benefits.

Uses & Benefits of Cacao

  • Helps with FOCUS – great for work, study, yoga, fitness or even meditation
  • Assists with physical and mental ENDURANCE
  • Enhances CREATIVITY
  • Increases motivation and helps get into a FLOW STATE
  • Has an uplifting effect and increases feelings of LOVE & CONNECTION (also an aphrodisiac!)
  • Great for WORKING in groups or teams
  • Helps open the heart and mind to NEW IDEAS
  • Facilitates personal and spiritual GROWTH
  • Superfood – has the highest ANTIOXIDANT content of any food
  • Prebiotic – feeds the gut MICROBIOME
  • Beneficial for CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH – opens and relaxes blood vessels

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