Rebirthing breathwork is a form of conscious breathing.

The gentle, connected and regular breathing pattern safely takes you into an altered state of consciousness – a trance state – where it is possible to experience profound personal growth and healing.

How does it work?

Conscious connected breath behaves like a bridge between the conscious and subconscious.  It is so powerful because it puts the breather in the position of both the person having the experience and the person observing the experience.  This allows past events to be re-experienced, reinterpreted, and observed from a uniquely fresh perspective and with a heightened consciousness.  As a result, breathers often uncover and work through unhelpful thought patterns, gain great insights about their lives and frequently have deeply profound mystical or energetic experiences.

From the second session onwards, Yoshi also offers the additional option of ceremonial cacao and energy healing alongside the breathwork.  Ceremonial cacao is a gentle, heart opening plant medicine that works with the breath to enhance insight, focus and clarity, taking you ever deeper into yourself.